Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers in 2024

Are you in need of innovative real estate marketing ideas to boost your business? In the fiercely competitive real estate industry, it is crucial to maintain a competitive edge. Real estate marketing can be a daunting task due to the many factors that impact the market.

real estate marketing ideas

The economic climate poses challenges for agents aiming to establish a thriving real estate firm, and trends are ever-changing. To attain success, it is imperative to possess:

1. a strong market position

2. a competitive advantage

3. effective online marketing strategies

4. all of the aforementioned elements

Most likely, you won’t consistently produce leads. But don’t give up. All of these things are taken care of.

When you comprehend the fundamentals, having a real estate marketing strategy is as simple as concentrating all of your marketing efforts around an effective approach.

Let’s investigate 14 of our top real estate marketing suggestions to get your overall strategy off the ground. They will assist you in gaining awareness, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales. Get started now!


1. Content plays a crucial role in the real estate industry

Content marketing is expected to maintain its popularity and growth in real estate marketing ideas. To enhance your real estate marketing strategy, it is recommended to incorporate the following types of content:

– Various types of content such as blog postings, including How To articles, listicles, tutorials, ebooks, and more.
– Static images can be used for various purposes on social media, such as commercial, instructive, humorous, or even inspirational posts.
– Video content, including podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, TikToks, and other types of user-generated content

In the past, content marketing relied heavily on blogs and static social media images. However, there is a significant shift towards video content in the future. It is important for marketers to adapt their tactics accordingly to keep up with this trend.

Consider incorporating virtual tours, instructional videos, and guides on selling properties quickly into your real estate marketing strategy. Providing valuable content on social media platforms is crucial for success in this evolving landscape.

2. Improved photo quality is mainstream in real estate marketing ideas.

Clear and descriptive photos are of utmost importance in the real estate industry. This is because it is crucial for potential clients to fully understand the information being presented to them.

Furthermore, studies have shown that 65% of people have a better understanding when information is presented visually, compared to only 30% who prefer auditory learning.

To ensure that your real estate listings receive the necessary visibility, it is necessary to invest in specialized tools or seek the assistance of a professional.

In addition, photo editing plays a significant role. By adding proper lighting, cropping, resizing, and making other adjustments to property photos, listings become more visually appealing.

3. Consider SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can provide a competitive advantage, despite its archaic reputation. While many real estate brokers focus on using websites, social media, and email campaigns to generate leads, SMS is often overlooked. Unlike emails, SMS texts are less likely to end up in spam and have a higher chance of being noticed. However, it’s important to note that increased visibility doesn’t guarantee higher conversions, as with any marketing effort. With an average open rate of 97%, SMS outperforms emails, which only have a 20% open rate. Nevertheless, developing effective marketing strategies is not an exact science and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The effectiveness of advertising methods, such as banner ads and social media posts, has diminished over time. Clickthrough rates for banner ads are expected to be less than 1% in 2023. As a result, leveraging SMS marketing for real estate can be a quick and convenient way to engage with your target market. However, it’s recommended to use it for qualified leads due to its more personal nature.

4. Participate in social media

You publish on social media, but there is no response. It sounds like you? We believed it.

Real estate agents: Just because you offer properties online doesn’t guarantee that your target market will browse through and get in touch with you.

Since everyone is preoccupied with their own issues, it falls to you to interact with potential buyers and sellers. Make 2024 the year that your real estate company emerges as a social media thought leader.

Answer inquiries, give advice, and post tutorials. Share your opinions and request that others do the same. Share interactive Instagram stories where you make polls and quizzes and solicit feedback from your followers. Keep going!

5. Make an Interesting Postcard

The use of postcards is a lesser-known but effective real estate marketing strategy. Postcards serve as a valuable tool for promoting a brand.

Although not all recipients may be currently interested in buying or selling, they may consider it in the future. To ensure that your postcard is not immediately discarded, make sure it is interesting or relevant to your audience.

Consider these creative postcard ideas for your real estate marketing efforts:

– The most reasonable home furnishing companies for first-time homebuyers
– The best eateries in town
– Local attractions that are a must-see
– The cheapest and most practical connections and ways to go to the city’s major locations
– Upcoming neighborhood events in the area
– Top 10 beautiful spots in the city
– Local companies offering potential customers discounts that are pertinent.

6. It has become common for real estate agents to ask for referrals.

There are still some real estate salespeople who hesitate to ask their existing and former clients for referrals. However, it is important to overcome this reticence, as if you don’t, your competitors will. In this industry, there is no room for hesitation. By providing exceptional service to your clients, they are likely to be pleased to recommend your real estate business to their friends and family. You can also ask your former clients to publicly share their assessments of your real estate services on your website or Google My Business (GMB), if you have already set it up.

7. The utilization of bots for engaging in live chat with visitors on a website.

In the present day, it is common for every realtor, brokerage, and real estate company to have their own website. While having a real estate website is not particularly unique or fascinating, one notable feature is the inclusion of live chat functionality. This feature allows potential customers to have access to your offerings and receive fundamental customer service 24/7.

With the live chat service, visitors have the ability to ask questions through a chatbot. In situations where you are unable to respond immediately or when the question is simple and general, the visitor will receive a reply from the chatbot, which is designed to simulate human interaction.

Additionally, chatbots can also be utilized to gather lead information interactively. Instead of presenting prospects with a mundane form, you can create a chatbot that asks questions about their preferences, such as the neighborhood they are interested in, the type of house they desire, and the number of rooms they require. Many chat systems are capable of collecting this information and transferring it to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing you to contact them with personalized emails or SMS messages.

8. Acquire newsletters.

In order to effectively establish or improve a newsletter program, it is crucial to have a contacts database in place.

Starting with previous customers is a great initial step, and as you generate leads from your website and social media platforms, you can continually expand your list. It is important to ensure compliance with privacy regulations in your area.

When crafting your email, it is advisable to avoid blatant sales pitches, especially those that are overly aggressive. Instead, focus on providing genuine value to the reader.

Typically, this value can be delivered through suggestions, insider information, and helpful guidance. By offering recipients the opportunity to learn something new, you also remind them of your ongoing presence. This approach is highly effective in building trust.

9. Incorporate Paid Advertising into Your Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The profitability of PPC marketing is expected to continue in 2024, with approximately 65% of users clicking on PPC advertising.

Throughout history, advertising has always played a role in encouraging sales, even if it didn’t exist when humans first evolved.

However, in today’s world, simply publishing on a social networking platform may not be enough to effectively reach your target demographic.

To ensure success, consider developing a paid real estate marketing campaign using Google Adwords. By setting specific criteria such as area, keywords, gender, and more, you can find suitable real estate leads for your company.

To target individuals in your local community who are looking for real estate, focus on keywords like “real estate + city,” “buy house + area,” or “properties for sale.” These targeted ads allow you to refine your real estate marketing ideas and avoid spending money on unqualified leads.

When it comes to real estate advertising, Facebook ads are particularly valuable as they allow you to target specific regions, demographics, and interests. To maximize your approach, take the time to research how to effectively use Facebook Ads to reach your local market.

10. Develop your expertise and become a recognized authority in the field of real estate.

Timeless information is always valuable. Implementing effective business practices such as giving advice, sharing educational content on social media, and educating potential customers and the local community can have long-lasting benefits.

By consistently utilizing this real estate marketing technique, you establish authority in your market and generate recurring income. Furthermore, it brings fresh perspectives to estate marketing.

For instance, establishing yourself as a thought leader can lead to media outlets featuring you and your expertise. Hosting seminars or participating in industry events are great ways to educate others about the real estate industry. Taking advantage of opportune moments to promote yourself or your business can also result in free publicity.

By combining knowledge, promotion, and a strong presence on social media, you can create a winning real estate marketing ideas. To learn more about becoming a thought leader in your local real estate industry, check out our helpful advice.

11. Exchange-Based Marketing

In your neighborhood, there are likely multiple local businesses nearby that you can connect with. These businesses, such as coffee shops, furniture stores, and others, can be potential collaborators for you.

It is beneficial to consider partnering with reputable companies that have the potential to refer customers to you. In turn, you can reciprocate by doing the same for them. Building a profitable and cooperative relationship is key.

For example, local furniture shops may be open to collaboration, especially since they often cater to customers who frequently move. As a real estate agent, you can promote yourself to them when they encounter customers who are selling their homes.

12. Produce printed goods of exceptional quality.

Are you considering the option of creating real estate flyers or door hangers to distribute within your local real estate farming community? When it comes to real estate marketing strategies, print media is often overlooked and less competitive compared to other methods.

Some real estate professionals choose not to use physical materials to attract prospects, as they believe that print is no longer effective. However, experts argue that readers of print media are more likely to trust and remember what they read compared to those who rely solely on social media.

If you’re interested in incorporating high-end printed materials into your real estate marketing, here are a few suggestions:

– Pamphlets

– Posters

– Door hangers

– Posters for window displays

To ensure efficiency and consistency in your real estate marketing plan, consider using ready-to-use templates and customize them with your brand’s colors, logo, and fonts.

13. Testimonials are a valuable tool in creating social proof.

According to professional surveys, it has been found that 98% of customers engage in reading and posting reviews of local businesses. This staggering statistic highlights the significant impact that positive evaluations can have on the success of your real estate company.

To attract potential customers, it is crucial to make your testimonials readily accessible to the public. However, obtaining recommendations from individuals can be quite challenging.

To simplify the process, consider utilizing a straightforward questionnaire that prompts customers to write reviews. At the end of your partnership, kindly request them to complete the questionnaire, emphasizing the importance of providing an objective assessment.

Inquire about their favorite aspects of working with your company and the specific reasons they chose your services. Display these genuine reviews on your website and even share them on social media platforms.

In the fiercely competitive real estate industry, it is essential to leverage every available tool to showcase your expertise and positive recommendations.

14. Boost Your Website

A website plays a crucial role in converting visitors into customers, especially for real estate agents. It is essential for every reputable agent to have their own website or be prominently featured on their agency’s website.

To effectively target your desired audience, it is important to conduct local search engine optimization research and optimize your website for relevant search queries.

Implementing the following practical measures can significantly enhance your real estate website:

A. Conduct a comprehensive search for relevant keywords

B. Produce informative and engaging blog posts

C. Remove outdated or inappropriate content from your real estate page

D. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

E. Make use of Google My Business (GMB) to strengthen your local presence


A. Conduct a comprehensive search for relevant keywords

Utilize Google’s Keyword Planner to initiate a fundamental keyword research endeavor without any cost. Opt for keywords that possess a moderate level of relevant search volume and are not excessively challenging to rank for. By doing so, you will enhance your performance in local search results.

B. Produce informative and engaging blog posts

Writing a blog post can be an effective way to offer your readers additional content and incorporate relevant keywords that you have identified during your research. Instead of constantly promoting your services, focus on creating real estate blogs that deliver exceptional value to your readers. Rest assured, this approach has proven to be successful.

C. Remove outdated or inappropriate content from your real estate page

To ensure a streamlined website experience, it is important to remove any inactive listings, outdated phone numbers, invalid addresses, or any other content that does not contribute value to your site. By conducting a manual analysis, you can effectively reduce clutter and identify any areas that require attention.

D. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

In the real estate sector, smartphone searches account for 48% of all user searches, according to a recent Hitwise survey. In other words, nearly 50% of your potential customers are utilizing their cellphones to research your services.

You need a website that is mobile-optimized and can make you stand out as a real estate agent online if you want to speed up the process of having them move through your sales funnel.

So, if your website hasn’t already been made mobile-friendly, this real estate marketing plan ought to be at the top of your list.

E. Make use of Google My Business (GMB) to strengthen your local presence

Using Google My Business (GMB) to get your company listed on Google Maps offers several advantages. For real estate brands, this means increasing local exposure and attracting new customers to nearby properties. This is because many users search for a product or service and then add a location. For example, New York real estate agents may be searched as “best real estate agent in New York.” If you are based in New York, it is important for your real estate company name to appear to potential clients. Additionally, it is worth considering improving any social media platforms as this can also enhance your GMB listing.


To wrap things up, In the increasingly competitive real estate marketing industry, agents like yourself must produce a greater amount of content, stay informed about industry trends, and adopt effective strategies. However, there’s no need to worry! With the right approach, gaining attention has become easier than ever, thanks to the abundance of accessible resources, user-friendly tools, and social media tips and tricks. The key is to offer relevant content, demonstrate genuine care for your followers, and share the knowledge you would appreciate. Make use of valuable collaborations, offline marketing tactics, and social media platforms to achieve this.


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